About Us

Igboezue TV is a video on demand platform for Igbo Movies and Series. Our aim is to create a platform that will be the principal online destination for quality Igbo Movies, Series and Documentaries across Africa  and the world. Our debut 65 episodes marital drama series, NKEWA, is already making waves in Nigeria attracting millions of viewers with its first broadcast on Africa Magic Igbo. Our Vision at Igboezue TV is to deliver quality content aimed at communicating, engaging, educating, entertaining and always on time. Audiences are demanding and they deserve the best.

Igboezue TV is a part of Igboezue Television Network, managed by Whitestone Cinema Ltd with Paul Igwe as an Executive Partner. Whitestone Cinema Ltd is an independent production company that develops, produces and licenses film, television and theatre projects combining professional experience with high production values. We are dedicated to proudly authouring videos that are beautiful, artistic and come within budget. We have writers who can create perfect scripts, voice-overs or dialogue and award winning directors and editors who deliver products that thrill. A multi award winning company with over 11 years history, Whitestone Cinema Ltd has produced many Nigerian films and Television shows. Our award winning TV series, Clinic Matters was an important addition to the company's portfolio.

We believe you will always enjoy watching your favourite Igbo Movies and Series on Igboezue TV, please tell your friends and families about us and don't forget to follow us on all our social media platforms. Your feedback is very important to us, drop us a comment at info@igboezue.tv

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